Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Dear Friend,

Since 2013 I’ve been running a private football chat room.

Members have been able to see and hear my analysis of live football matches…

Then use my stats, research and live chat analysis to snipe profits from in-play blips.

In some cases, they’ve cashed out in less than 11 minutes with as much as £178 in TAX-FREE profit.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m allowing people to try out my live chat room completely for FREE.

If you respond to this invitation quickly, you can join my live chat room for two weeks and pay no money now.

The reason I’m doing this is simple. I really want you to see how much you could make from in-play betting – but with zero risk.

I also want to show you that you can do this in real time during my live chat webinars. My service is all about action and not just theory.

Once you’ve seen me trading football matches live, seen the service in action, making green screen after green screen and the true earnings potential with your own eyes, then I’m sure you’ll want to stay a part of this incredible service.

However, I cannot keep an offer like this open for long, as I want to keep the numbers restricted. I like to get to know everyone in the live chat room and have an interactive community on the Facebook group so I want to keep the numbers small. So if you’re interested, please click the link below now.

Make LIVE profits trading alongside me

Once you’re in the chat room, it’s so simple to copy my bets.

You can watch me going through the stats as the match progresses. I’ll look out for blips like surprise goals and red cards, which can play havoc with the odds on Betfair, giving us low risk / high reward trading betting angles.

With the right information and techniques you will learn from my live chats how you can react to these blips and lock in a profit before the final whistle has blown. That money is yours and banked whatever the final score.

Just think, you could be making a guaranteed profit of £120, £200, £360… and you don’t even need to watch the rest of the match.

This is why I keep getting great feedback from members. To show you what I mean, here are comments that I’ve received in recent weeks.


But don’t just take their word for it. Come and see for yourself in a TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL, and see all the proof you need.

With DRT I will…

  • Teach you the specific techniques that make consistent profits trading live on Betfair.
  • Show you how to snipe a guaranteed profit from games that offer the best ‘in play’ opportunities.
  • Do all the work for you! You don’t need to do any of the research or stat checking yourself – you get all my hottest picks in my Daily Bulletin and my live chat room.
  • Trade alongside you during LIVE trading sessions as part of your membership. I host at least one of these a week on average.

You can get two full weeks of access
to all of this for FREE

Watch me make the bets live and track the profits on paper… or bet with real money if you prefer.

While not every trade will be a winner, the beauty of this technique is that you can often guarantee a profit whatever the outcome of the match – win, lose or draw.

If you decide DRT isn’t for you, for any reason within the TWO FREE WEEKS, you can opt out without paying a penny for the experience.

However, I’m sure that once you see how quick and profitable in-play betting can be, you’ll be only too happy to pay the modest monthly fee.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, either…

All you need is a PC (or Mac) with an
Internet connection

If you can tell the difference between a pink and blue button you can do this.

Honestly, I’m not taking the Mickey here – it really is that simple.

The blue button in Betfair means ‘back’ and the pink button in Betfair means ‘lay’.

These are the two simple buttons which you’re going to use to snipe profits from Betfair time and time again.

There’s even a feature within Betfair which lets you ‘cash out’ your profits with a single click! So you can secure a guaranteed profit with just the click of a button. No working out calculations in your head.

It’s a simple, almost instant, way to snipe your profits from live sports events on Betfair.

Remember, you can watch, listen and follow my bets LIVE, so you don’t need to do your own research or analysis. Within as little as 10, 30 or 45 minutes you could make profits like these…

As well as access to my live chat room, you’ll also get access to the private Facebook group where you can talk to members like these and share your experiences.

It is a great bunch of friendly people who like to share their betting experiences and offer encouragement and support to other members.

However, time is of the essence.

If you want to join my in-play chat room for free, you need to respond by midnight on Tuesday 5th March.

So please join today and get access to Delay React Trade for TWO FREE WEEKS, without commitment.

With in-play betting you can grab guaranteed windfills of £53, £89 and £118 from each game, or lock in your profit no matter who wins or loses.

But please come and see for yourself while my offer’s open.

Best regards

Clive Keeling