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Another week of European club competition first-legs is over. Ordinarily I tend to leave these matches alone, but I was drawn in by the old lady.

Juventus kept Barcelona from scoring on two separate occasions, so with that in mind, I decided on a three-pronged attack for their away match versus Monaco: 3-2 and 2-2 were included (in case Monaco go goal-crazy) and 0-2 Juventus was included (after all, if you can keep Messi, Suarez and Neymar quiet for two consecutive matches [apparently these three are quite good] then you stand a chance of more clean sheets).

I was delighted to see 0-2 come in, thanks to a brace from Gonzo. I do hope you followed me in there.

Then yesterday Manchester United do what Manchester United do in first-leg away ties – a 0-1 or a 1-1. I hope you profited there last night.

It is rare to come out of first-leg Champions League and Europa League matches with a trading play, so these successful calls were most welcome.

It’s back to business now this weekend with a full program of matches. It’s that time of the year where leagues are ending. The Dutch Juliper league ends tonight. The Scots are due to finish soon. Normal rules apply therefore. We want to look at matches where sides are motivated to either:

  • avoid relegation;
  • or push for promotion.

Any teams in mid-table security should be avoided.


I meant to get around to showcasing weekend matches for you and talking through the scorelines and the trading angles. My apologies that I have not got around to that. Long weekend and all that.

This is a habit I want to get into, moving forward. It will serve you well I think to see how a match unravels. A retrospective look at matches is a very useful exercise.

Even a match like Celta Vigo v Man Utd… The match was 0-0 at halftime. That should have been your first point of contact with a possible trade. Remembering that Man Utd are in a strong unbeaten pattern and scored one away goal in their last two away first-leg matches, what would have been your second half angle?

And so the goal came!

Watch out for these showcase matches on the DRT Facebook page.

Shout out!

Do any of you use

Let me know. I have subscribed to it in the hope of adding depth to the research, but the only advantage I have seen is notifying of significant player absences.

My current research is thorough enough. So any of you subscribers having a way of using that software which creates solid profitable angles which can benefit all, please get in touch!

In the meantime, see you for a live chat over the weekend.