Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Dear Bettor

There’s no feeling like it…

The football’s on and you don’t care who wins.

Because whatever the outcome, you could make £93, £152 or even £418, TAX-FREE.

This is what members of my betting service Delay React Trade (DRT) have been making, as you’re about to see…

£500 in a week, £360 in a weekend, £300 in a day…

All they do is log on to hear my in-play analysis.

Watch me trade with my own money, in real time…

And make their bets without needing to read form, analyse stats or know anything about football.

A genuine win-win situation.

And this could happen almost every weekend of the year.

Let me show you an example…

How a shock second half goal created a £418 win-win bet

It was 7th April 2019.

Werder Bremen were playing Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Borussia Park stadium.

Meanwhile, I was at my computer, logged onto Betfair, with a pile of stats, ready and waiting.

Nothing happened in the first half…

But then forty-nine minutes into the match, Werder Bremen went down 0-1.

Suddenly, the odds changed as bookies scrambled to re-adjust.

The odds for Werder to win suddenly got very tasty indeed.

I knew they had a 100% scoring rate so far this season. And a whole bunch of stats screamed that they were likely to score a comeback goal.

So I waited as long as possible then placed a bet AGAINST Borussia winning when the odds were at their biggest.

At that point, a GREEN SCREEN appeared on Befair.

This meant that if I placed two bets in a certain way, I’d get the following on my Betfair screen:

A £418 profit no matter what happens!


And this was no fluke.

It’s called Delay React Trade because that’s how it works…

…You DELAY until events in the game change the odds…

…You REACT to those events with a few simple bets that cover any losses…

…You TRADE those bets on Betfair so that you always have the advantage.

Now you can have a go and enjoy your own GREEN SCREEN moments during this weekend’s football.

Respond to my invitation and I’ll give you a live demonstration, risk-free.

  • Hear my analysis of football games as they unfold in real time
  • Watch me place bets, live, with my own money…
  • Wait for those Green Screens to appear and lock in win-win bets (where you make a profit no matter what the outcome!)

You don’t need to know anything or do any research – I’ll explain exactly what’s going on.

For instance, here’s what happened when Benfica played Feirense recently.

A £110 return, tax free

Benfica were 1-0 down against Feirense after just 10 minutes…

Because of this surprise early goal, the odds suddenly shifted against the strong favourites Benfica on Betfair.

But my stats showed that this result was not likely to stay that way for long.

So I placed a combination of bets – LIVE in front of my DRT betting room members – to create this Green Screen.

The result?

It ended 4-1 to Benfica, who made a magnificent comeback and bagged us a £110.60 TAX FREE return.

Should I have been completely wrong and Feirense beat the favourites, we’d have still got £22. So a big potential gain for no risk.

Now imagine doing this two or three times in a weekend.

That could be a potential £200-£300+ tax free in your pocket, like these members have enjoyed.

This is what members of Delay React Trade (DRT) have to say.

Best of all, they’re bagging these big wins without taking big risks… and in many cases, when they see a Green Screen, they risk NOTHING!


If you see a Green Screen on Betfair

You’ll walk away with a profit whatever happens 

As you may know, Betfair is an online ‘Betting Exchange’ that allows you to trade on sports events while they’re ‘in play’.

That means you can take advantage of events that happen during the game.

All it takes is a shock goal, a surprise mistake or a red card…

These surprise ‘blips’ play havoc with the odds on Betfair. And they can continue to happen several times during a game.

With the right information (which I give you for each match) you use these in-play blips to GREEN UP.

Greening up is where you place two or three simple bets on Betfair to create a GREEN SCREEN where all the possible outcomes are coloured green to represent profit, rather than red for loss.

This can happen within 11 minutes… 35 minutes…. or 55 minutes into the game.

When the figures go GREEN it’s great news. Because it means you can trade out for a GUARANTEED profit.

Here’s another example…

An £84 profit, with a guaranteed £45 if it all went wrong!

AEK Athens were playing Xanthi.

AEK Athens were favourites to win, but in a shock “blip” they were 0-1 down at half-time.

My DRT members then listened to me explain the options…

These included betting against Xanthi… while also backing AEK… and predicting the score.

This combo created a Green Screen that looked like this…

The final score was 3-1 to AEK Athens and we walked away with £84.

But even if they’d only equalised it would have made us £83.

The worst case scenario?

A £45 win.

Not bad for very little effort and zero risk.

But why not come and give it a try yourself this weekend?

You don’t need any betting experience or football knowledge. Just hear my analysis, watch me trade with my own money and see how it works.

As you’ll see…

This is the only way to make genuinely risk-free profits from betting

If you’ve tried betting systems in the past, you’ll have heard a lot of “risk free” claims bandied about.

Most of them are anything but risk-free.

Low risk, perhaps… managed risk, maybe… but this weekend you could lock in a guaranteed profit from this weekend’s football matches.

…Your team wins? You make money.

…Your team draws. You make money.

….Your team loses? You make money, or lose nothing.

And you don’t need any football knowledge.

You don’t need any betting experience.

No tracking form, digging into data or crunching numbers.

All you have to do is log onto my live betting webinar chat room.

Watch me analyse the game as it happens in real time… Then wait until you see the THREE greens:

  • GREEN for win
  • GREEN for lose
  • GREEN for draw

When you do, it means you can walk away with a guaranteed profit, or break even in a worst case scenario.

Today I’d like to invite you to come and try it yourself.

Watch me live bet with my own money during a match this weekend.

  • See my Green Screens in front of you
  • Watch them hit THREE greens for win, lose or draw
  • Lock in your guaranteed profit
  • Follow the rest of the match with a smile on your face – or walk away and do something else entirely

And remember, this is me making these calls with my own money, live in front of you in real time.

It’s totally transparent, and unlike many tipsters I don’t ever recommend you do anything that I wouldn’t do.

Start sniping easy profits from ‘blips’ like dodgy goals and red cards

My name’s Clive Keeling. For more than 12 years now I’ve reviewed gambling and betting products (on everything from lay betting eBooks to greyhound racing systems) and edited the popular newsletter and eletter service What Really Wins Money.

I’m also a full time Betfair trader (it’s my main source of betting income) and I help other people follow my trades though a service called Delay, React, Trade (or DRT).


With DRT I will…

  • Give you an easy-to-follow manual that teaches you the specific techniques that make consistent profits trading live on Betfair.
  • Show you how to snipe a guaranteed profit from games that offer the best ‘in play’ opportunities using my Green Screen strategy
  • Do all the work for you! You don’t need to do any of the research or stat checking yourself – you get all my hottest picks in my Daily Bulletin and the live chat room.
  • Trade alongside you during LIVE trading sessions as part of your membership. I host at least one of these live webinars a week on average.

Watch me make the bets live and track the profits on paper to start with… or bet with real money if you prefer.

While not every trade will be a winner, the beauty of this technique is that you can often guarantee a profit whatever the outcome of the match – win, lose or draw.

And it’s so simple too, once I show you how….

It works like this:

1) Wait for a blip in the match

2) Place a low risk bet

3) Trade out for profit

In other words, instead of placing ONE bet before a match starts and ‘hoping for the best’ you profit from changing odds while a game is in progress.

  • As a BACKER, we get in at a high price and sell at a lower price and pocket the difference in Betfair
  • Or as a LAYER, we look to do the opposite and lay at a low price and then back (or trade out) at a higher price
  • And quite often, we do BOTH in order to get those Green Screen opportunities for a win-win or zero risk bet

I find this strategy so effective and so consistent that I’ve traded almost exclusively this way for the past seven years – and now I’d like to share it with you.

How much can you realistically make?

This is THE most profitable betting technique I’ve ever used and if you follow the simple instructions I know you’ll love this.

As you’ve seen from the examples of my current members, it’s possible to make as much as £300 in a single day.

In fact I’m so sure you’ll love this I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Rather than make you a bunch of overblown promises I want to make you a simple offer.

Try Delay, React, Trade risk-free for a full 30 days.

 of See for yourself just how profitable this is. Practice trade or play with small stakes and take time to settle in and get a feel for the service.

I’ll even trade LIVE right alongside you once (often twice) a week

See, I’m not one of those ‘gurus’ who talks a good game but doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Trading on Betfair is what I do and the technique I’m sharing with you is the EXACT same technique I use to pluck regular profits from the betting markets in Betfair.

I believe the absolute best way to learn is to have you right there while a tradeable game is in action so that you can see it working for yourself.

So as a DRT member you’ll get full, unlimited access to the live webinar chats with me. This is where you can join myself and other members as we target specific games that I’ve identified as having great profit potential.

I’ll talk you through the key stats and profit opportunities while the games are in progress. This is one of THE most popular aspects of DRT. It’ll fast track your understanding as you get to see ‘in play’ triggers and profit opportunities live as they unfold.

During the live sessions you can watch my screen, trade alongside me, and while games are ‘in play’ ask questions.

You can contribute as much as you like during these chats – or simply observe from the sidelines if you prefer – it’s completely up to you.

Remember you don’t even need to know the final outcome of a match…

You just need to know which of these ‘blips’ to look out for.

All sorts of factors can affect the odds on a game, it could be a red card, a penalty, a surprise goal.

They can occur at any point in the match but once they do you can start trading.

Once you’ve got your “green screen” you can switch it off and walk away. No need to hang around for the final whistle because you’ve already locked in a guaranteed profit.

They don’t happen every time , of course…

But whenever they arise, I’ll show you how you can grab these ‘green screen’ opportunities and walk away with a guaranteed profit.

And it’s not only football that you can exploit in this way…

I’ll also cover tennis and other profitable live sports

The sheer volume of matches during the football season make it the obvious choice for Betfair.

The football continues ‘out of season’ and the pre-season friendlies, internationals and youth games often offer some of the best profit opportunities.

But there are also plenty of opportunities to profit from other live sports too.

I’ll show you how to profit from tennis tournaments and other major live sports events on Betfair so that you can profit from this all year round.

Join me today and see if you can double your bank in 30 days or less

I realise most people won’t be starting out with a £2,000, £5,000 or £10,000 betting bank which is why I prefer to keep expectations realistic.

Based on a betting bank of £200 I expect you to at least double that by the end of your first month.

Of course you can start with less than £200, I’m just trying to give you a fair indication of what to expect.

And that’s just the start!

As I said I’ll show you how to use compounding to reinvest a portion of your winnings so that you can increase your profits month on month.

In month one you might pull in £200 but with proportionally increased stakes you’d be looking at increasing this in month two and in month three.

Einstein called compounding the 8th wonder of the world and it really is.

That’s why I’ve included a clear, easy to understand staking plan.

You can paper trade, place small test bets or simply sit back and watch – it’s up to you!

If at any time during your trial period you feel it doesn’t live up to your expectations for any reason you can claim a full refund – no questions asked.

How’s that for fair? Try asking for (and getting) a refund off one of those dodgy tipsters!

This refund guarantee is backed by me personally and underwritten by Canonbury Publishing Ltd – one of the most respected information publishers in the UK.

You’ll have everything you need to start profiting from ‘in play’ football trading

If you accept my invitation you can download the DRT manual containing everything you need to know to profit from those “Green Screens”.

I know that for some people (including myself) the best way to really understand how something works is to see it live and in action.

That’s why I’ve also created onscreen video tutorials showing you how to do everything from start to finish.

You’ll get instant access to these in the members’ website.

These include:

  • How to use the different strategies step-by-step
  • How to trade using Betfair’s free ‘in play’ tool
  • Live examples of trades in action so you can see it working right in front of you

I’ve made this as foolproof as possible. I hate it when you send off for a course and a heaping great package lands on your doorstep days later… folders full of confusing charts and graphs… pages of text written in a style that’s hard to understand.

That’s why I’ve kept things simple. Everything’s written in plain English and comes complete with helpful screenshots so that you can zip through everything with a minimum of effort.

Remember, I’ll be right there giving you all my latest research and tips – and even trading live with you.

I put my own trading research on the secure member website each day, including information on games I’ll be looking to trade myself and tips on what to look out for.

You’ll get all this risk-free for 30 days (and are under no obligation to carry on after this).

This is the best way I know of to make a great income from betting and I’m happy to share my secrets with a select group of members.

I’ll share my research and observations and post videos to help you hone in on your trading skills.

I also reveal upcoming games with the best trading potential and exactly which signals to look for.

How much is this information worth?

Using the techniques I’ll share with you, you can net profits of £84… £110… £418 or more in a single game.

I’m not just showing you exactly how it’s done I’m offering you ongoing in-depth research and analysis so that you don’t have to do any of the work.

I’ve been in this industry a long time and my priority has always been to help ordinary people to find proven ways to make a consistent income from betting.

I know just how hard and frustrating it can be to find something that ticks all the boxes, only to be put off by a hefty price tag.

That’s why I’m happy to let you have access to the Delay, React, Trade live trading webinars and the manual PLUS get 30 days of video tutorials, ongoing access to the secure member website and full email support for just £27 plus VAT a month.

You could EASILY make this back in your first trade!

You don’t have to do anything and you can cancel at any time.

Claim your 30 day risk-free trial with a discount of over 80%

Reply before midnight Wednesday 18th September and you can get an 80%+  discount off your first month and try DRT for just £4.50 plus VAT.

Remember, as well as the manual you’ll get 30 days risk-free access to all my research, tips, tutorial videos and access to live trading sessions. I spend hours each day trawling stats, compiling my research and turning the information I find into tradable opportunities for you.

It’s like having your own personal Betfair trading assistant – for less than the price of a few beers.

See how good this is for yourself before you decide.

Following DRT you could EASILY cover more than the cost of the course in a single trade!

If you too would like to make a great side income trading live sports on Betfair here’s what to do.

Just click on the ‘Start Your 30 Day Risk-Free Trial’ button below before midnight 18th September and you’ll be taken to the secure online booking form to claim your discount of over 80%.

Get instant access to the secure members’ area with all the video tutorials and daily bulletins posts so you can get started right away. Plus get the date for the next live trading webinar.

Just think… in that time you could be easily locking in guaranteed profits of £84… £110… £148 or more… in a matter of minutes!

So if you’re ready to get started just click on the ‘Risk Free Trial’ button below.

Enjoy and do let me know how you get on!

Best Regards

Clive Keeling

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