Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I do hope you’ve been able to join me on Twitter. I’ve been tweeting my Wimbledon trades and in-play bets and have got into the swing of things now, after a fooking ‘dayus horribulus’ on Day 2 of Wimbledon – when the big guns decided to play a game of ‘Hide the injury and tell them Betfair punters and laugh as they back you a set down, when really you’re too injured to be playing, but thought you’d play anyway’…

…I’m not bitter.

Goffin, Kvitova, Thiem, all very fancied this Wimbledon, all decided to play with undisclosed injuries, meaning our usual plays on these players proved fruitless.

The last two days, though, have been excellent. A lot of great trading calls from yours truly, including backing Caroline Wozniacki at 20 in-play and trading out at 7.8. (Had I delayed, I could have traded out at 1.55!)

Wozza came from 5-1 down twice in this match to give the trader some serious odds swings, but she did not win.

Join me today and over the weekend for more tennis trading. It’s proving very fruitful.

I cannot leave without saying well done to Eng-er-land. England play those Ikea-furnitured Abba-singing Volvo-driving Swedes – who are likely to park the Abba platform heels, a few flat packs, and a Volvo in front of goal to stop that man Kane.

I’m afraid I have found research difficult during the World Cup. It is very much a reactive trading tournament. Two matches today. If you want a return to league football, the Irish provide some good statistical angles this evening.

I’ll be tweeting throughout the day on tennis and footy, if you can join me – @drtclub. It would be great to see you. Let’s hope Wimbledon continues to be this fruitful. If it continues like this, I’ll be able to afford the twelve-month payments on some Wimbledon strawberries and cream.