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I’m writing my Christmas cards, and apart from the likes of Rachel Riley from Countdown and Salma Hayek, I must include Dortmund and Raheem Sterling of Manchester City.

It was a rare old week this week. Dortmund provided us with a successful 1.01 lay. I did advise it in the live chat at a measly 1.02 odds (i.e. £2 liability returns £100 minus commission).

Here’s what happened…

Dortmund led 4-0 at halftime. At 2-0 up, I decided to lay Dortmund at odds of 1.09 because research tells us that Dortmund concede two goals regularly.

That lay seemed to have resulted in a losing position with said 4-0 at halftime.

But… I decided to lay Dortmund again at odds of 1.02. Their odds did hit 1.01, which is the same as backing a team at 100/1 (or slightly shorter).

Cue a second-half wheels-fall-off Dortmund performance, as the scoreline hit 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4 in the 94th minute. It was admittedly helped by a Dortmund red card.

The key to success was in the research. We knew Dortmund keep conceding two goals. Add in a red card and that helps things progress nicely.

The second person on my Christmas Card list (and Pep Gladioli’s) is Raheem Sterling. In three consecutive Man City matches, Mr Sterling has scored 84th+ minute winners to help Man City to wins from nowhere.

The last win was particularly satisfying at the live chat, as I put forward a speculative back of Raheem Sterling to score the third goal when the scoreline remained 1-1 in the match vs Southampton.

Not only did I suggest backing Raheem to score at 12/1, but also backing of Manchester City at 13.5!

Cue Mr Sterling with a 90th-minute winner.

So it has been a rare old week for the live chat. And a burgeoning list for my Christmas cards!

It really is all in the research.

Join me this weekend for another couple of live chats. I cannot promise a 1.01 lay but will try my best!