Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I bet you didn’t know Britney was a betfair football trader!

Britney is of course referring to the unique weekend we face.

Yes folks, it’s Post-International and Pre-Champions League weekend!

It’s a tough old puzzle for managers.

How do they manage the International players returning from duty for their country?

How do they ensure they remain competitive in what might be crucial domestic league matches over the weekend?

How do they ensure that they are in tip-top order for the upcoming Champions League fixture on either Tuesday or Wednesday?

It’s like juggling 4 balls with one hand. Something has to give….eventually!

So, please take note of these teams involved in the Champions League

  • Manchester City – have struggled after Champions League matches, not necessarily before.
  • Atletico Madrid – last pre-Champions League struggles came pre 7th December 2021 match.
  • Benfica – prior to the Champions League recently, let a 0-2 lead slip to a 2-2 scoreline, and conceded first in a 1-1 v lowly Vizela so are clearly affected .
  • Liverpool – tend to remain unaffected but scorelines tend towards 1-0, 2-0 rather than their usual 3 goals. Have had the odd wobbler like a 3-3 v Brentford pre-Champions League.
  • Chelsea – 2 89th minute Havertz winners in the last 2 pre-Champions League matches.
  • Real Madrid – haven’t really lost pre-Champions League but a 0-0 v Villareal latest.
  • Villareal – prior to last match v Juventus, 1-0 loss, 1-0 win and post that Champions League match, 1-0 loss. May struggle to score that 2nd
  • Bayern Munich – 4-2 loss pre Champions League v Salzburg. Pre – and Post – 2nd leg v Salzburg saw 2 1-1 draws

To a lesser extent ( but it’s getting deeper into the competition), we have Europa League candidates on Thursday in the shape of :

  • Leipzig
  • Atalanta
  • Frankfurt
  • Barcelona
  • West Ham
  • Lyon
  • Braga
  • Rangers

If you want to do what I did for the Champions League side, with the Europa League sides, use where you can look at all matches in all competitions in chronological order.

You have been warned. The likes of Real Madrid, Benfica, Chelsea, Man City might turn into Sunday League pub teams.

You have been warned!!