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A quick ask in all of my eletters today for ideas for betting systems, tipsters, websites, software, bots or anything else betting related that you would like to see reviewed.

Please get in touch at with your suggestions.

We are upping our reviews here at What Really Wins Money Towers and would love your input.

Horse racing, football, greyhounds,curling ( I am sure there must be at least one Curling Tipster out there?), tennis, trading, automated betting, software.

If there’s a product that has piqued your curiosity, then let us know. If you want to find out whether the claims are true, get in touch.

That’s about it for this week. I look forward to hearing from you.

So, you DRT members, come up with some football strategies, be they bet and go, or indeed trading. You may find a paid-for football website interesting, or the claims of a football based betting bot fantastical.


I would recommend a website called Try it out , and its ‘Attack Momentum’ which is a variant on ‘s Pressure index.

Sofascore’s Attack Momentum is a graphic representation and can give an idea as to which side is, has has been, doing the most consistent attacking throughout the match. I quite like it, although have only one day’s experience with it.

I will show you it in the live chat webinar tomorrow.

See you then!