Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I hope you have enjoyed , and most importantly profit from, the telegram coverage this week. I haven’t heard much from members throughout the week which immediately leaves me thinking’ am I telegramming just to myself?’.

I hope note.

This weekend I want to return to the live chat webinars. On Saturday and Sunday. These will be held at DRT Facebook page but I am trying to move this webinars to Zoom , where they can be viewed at Zoom and also at DRT Facebook.

I am aware that there are members who simply don’t want old Zuckerberg collecting their details. So I’m trying to resolve this issue.

The Premier League returns Saturday and Sunday after a spattering of PL matches mid week. The live chat webinars will likely start at 14:30 for the German Bundesliga.

See you over the weekend, and please drop me a line at DRT Facebook to let me know I’m not telegramming myself!!