Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I would like to welcome those new to DRT this week .  I hope you are finding the telegram tips clear and followable (if that is a word!). If not, email me at

I will not be conducting any live chat webinars on zoom just yet. Maybe next week , now we have our Italian friends in Seria A (ciao mama) arrive , late as usual, this weekend on their vespas .

Pencil in next Saturday for a Live chat webinar.  And please remember that Monday and Friday are my usual days off.  You may not hear from me on telegram these days, in lieu of full days on Saturday and Sunday….but Messi is playing for PSG this evening. Don’t tell the wife but I might be following the matches this evening!!

And I will be trying my best to find you some more ‘Milky Bar’ trades like the one below ( which was a LAY at odds of 1.04 i.e. £4 risked is £100 minus commission earned if profitable!!)

Have a Great Friday IF you are left to your own devices. See you over the weekend.