Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Welcome to new members of DRT . I hope you’re stay will be a profitable one!
Here’s a checklist for you :
1) Please join DRT’s telegram service which is called DRT InPlay Stats . The name is a little misleading but it is the correct DRT channel to receive all of the tips.
2) Please make sure you join the DRT Facebook page where I’ll be providing a daily Review/Preview video, DRT live chat webinars at weekends, and loads more throughout the coming months.
3) Please familiarise yourself with the strategies used, via the instruction videos at I will be referring to these strategies occasionally via telegram.
4) Please read the Daily Bulletin at
5) Please take up your free 3 month trial to You will be receiving a set of video instructions on how to join. Inplay stats are the difference . They tell you what’s actually going on.
I look forward to seeing you over the weekend or if you want to sit back and relax, via telegram where you’ll be alerted when there is a potential money-making trade or value bet to be had.
Great to have you aboard and see you soon!