Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Welcome to a new year. It’s great to see the return of the Germans, Italians, and Spanish, all wise enough to take a Christmas Break.

This week has a cup flavour to it. So our usual 15:00 UK match mayhem on a Saturday is a little subdued. This might necessitate another weekend minus a live chat webinar but with a focus purely on telegram.  The FA Cup matches do kick off at 15:00 in the UK and this is where will come in handy! I hope teams treat the FA Cup with a little more respect than the League Cup.

For those of you wanting a greater explanation on the +1 market which I refer to often, I have done a powerpoint presentation at DRT facebook and talked a little on it in today’s Review/Preview video.

Essentially, XYZ +1 means

  • In that specific market, team XYZ is given a goal head start. The actual scoreline is 0-0. What’s the scoreline in the +1 market? It’s 1-0 to XYZ. The actual scoreline is 0-1 to the opponent. What’s the scoreline in the +1 market? It’s 1-1 draw .
  • XYZ +1 is the same as laying the opponent. Think of it as the backing version of ‘laying the opponent’
  • I usually use the +1 market in tandem with Laying over 1.5 goals ( if the underdog is leading 0-1 ; lay over 2.5 goals if the underdog is leading 0-2 as we did in the Lille v Angers match recently). The idea here is we cover the current scoreline of 0-1 but expect team XYZ to equalise. If they don’t equalise, we break even at 0-1 final score. If they do equalise we lose our stake in the Over/under 1.5 goals market but profit from the +1 market . Because…the actual scoreline is 1-1 but in the +1 market it’s…..2-1!

I am stuck in covid limbo again in Thailand. I am in a severely restricted zone so I only have old Faithful, my laptop with me and you know the trouble I had with doing live chat webinars on my laptop? My wife is looking at getting us permission to travel back to Bangkok but no promises. With the current situation as it is, telegram is the way to go on Saturday and Sunday at present.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and I will speak to you, in some way, over the coming 2 days.