Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The Premiership kicks off tonight as Arsenal takes on Leicester. Arsenal will, of course, be in the title race, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup until 1st January 2018. Come the end of May 2018 Arsenal will be lucky to survive a top-four spot and will of course be finalists for the Zenith Data Systems Cup.

Arthur C. Clarke will turn in his grave wondering about one of life’s great mysteries: how has Arsene Wenger not been sacked yet?

Here at DRT I have been live chatting already on Twitter @drtclub and will be tweeting live chats initially until our German friends join us.

They are so quick to get their towels onto the sun loungers, yet will be with us on the 18th and 19th August. The Italians are too busy chasing women on their Lambrettas. They won’t be with us until the 19th August too.

Early live chats have been good. Plenty of great calls and profit. We are enjoying ‘in-play stats’ mode while the form is missing.

I’ve added some weapons to my live chat armoury, which I will reveal to you as the season progresses.

Early on, we need to be aware of important transfers in and out of any major club. The biggest impact, of course, is a managerial change. So make sure you know the teams who have a new manager. Their impact will be tactical and will mean that last year’s stats are not necessarily a good guide to the new season.

I’ll see you tomorrow, likely 15:00 kick off. Once the Germans are with us, Saturday live chats revert to 14:30.

I hope you enjoy the DRT ride!