Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

For those of you new to DRT, welcome aboard. I’ll like to point you newcomers to live chats on Saturday and Sunday.

These take a webinar format. You will be able to see and hear my decision-making, and my application of DRT principles in the real world.

You’ll also be able to see the creation of green screens. (And the occasional red screen where we take a loss!)

You’ll be able to see delaying in action: delaying is the best way to lay at lower odds and back at higher odds.

These live chat webinars are an excellent introduction to everything DRT.

I do hope you can attend all, or part, of a webinar on Saturday from 14:30 and Sunday from 14:00 or earlier. Live chat webinars are great learning tools.

I have had some feedback regarding the Daily Bulletin, referring specifically to the Europa League. Newcomers will be unaware that the Europa League is a tough nut to crack.

For a look at more conventional, form-based research, look at Saturday and Sunday’s research from the elite leagues. Then at the live chat webinar, I’ll show how I apply the research.

I hope to see you at the weekend!