Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

As promised, I have been working on collating results for the Lay the 0-0 Halftime Score market selections, to see if we have a viable bet-and-go strategy.

So far I am input results from 29th November 2017 to 7th February 2018.

I have set the odds at 4.00 uniformly. The reason? The markets are generally illiquid when I make selections.

Laying these selections to level stakes (e.g. £10 ), a 31-point profit has accrued.

If you want a shot at a big potential return, laying these selections to 10% stake of the betting bank turned £100 into £1,992.92.

Stakes increase with betting bank size, but an unsuccessful lay does impact more.

Laying these selections to a staking plan I love – the Lay 1-4 Staking plan (a free calculator is available here: turned £100 into £827.50, using £10 as a starting point.

It does augur well, although I have to insert the caveat that the performance of future selections must mirror the past.

This does not account for laying at shorter odds, by delaying which would have reduced liability considerably on a number of selections.

Once I have completed to today’s date, I will update you at the DRT Facebook Page.

Next step? Collate results for Both Teams to Score selections from the DRT Bulletin. I do feel there is a profit to be had there as well.

See you this weekend for the live chats. There may not be a live chat next Saturday or Sunday, just to warn you. I have a relative staying. (Yes, I am over the moon about it too!)