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We have had the International Break, then the Champions League/Europa League this week, and thankfully it’s back to League action tonight and over the weekend.

I’m busy researching all elite league matches this weekend and, as ever, will be live chatting from 14:30 tomorrow and 14:00 Sunday.

Here are some thoughts for this weekend…

Did you know that Manchester United have lost their last two matches post-Champions-League? Surely not a third consecutive loss against Brighton this Saturday?

Will Watford continue to score two goals? They are getting rather good at it. I bet famous Watford fan Elton John and his husband David Furniture-Polish will be delighted.

Werder Bremen came to life last weekend. Is this the time for us to rely on them to get that usual goal before halftime and both teams to score?

All questions will be answered (of course) this weekend, so join me for the live chats.

We are heading to December now. There’s loads of form in the book. Here’s a quick way you can weigh up a team’s chances against their opponents: use the Challenge Table.

Here’s an example.

This is what is called the Challenge Table at What do you notice immediately about these two teams playing each other this evening?

Home side RKC, you note, are 17th in the league. They have only one win vs teams 13th and higher in the league. They play seventh-placed Oss today, who are unbeaten home and away vs teams 13th and lower. Indeed all Oss wins have come vs teams 13th and lower.

A quick look at the Challenge Table gives you a unique insight into how teams perform against teams in certain parts of the league. It is a technique you will see me use a lot in the DRT research, and it can be extremely accurate.

Of course, things are rarely clear cut. For instance, RKC have won their last two home matches and beat fourth in the league in the process!

Do take a look at the Challenge Table as part of your research, either pre-match or in-play.

If a league at does not have a Challenge Table, head on over to, where you will be able to access the Challenge Table for a multitude of leagues. For example, the Scottish Premier League Challenge Table is available only at

This Challenge Table can also help greatly in suggesting a possible scoreline. Look at how Oss have scored at least two goals vs teams 15th, 16th and 19th away from home. What should be logically expect vs a team 17th in the league?

See you this weekend then, for a live chat or two. Remember that I try to do a shortlist of matches at the DRT Facebook page, as not every match I research is a good trading candidate. The shortlist has the best and most readable matches.