Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I hope you’ve enjoyed Wimbledon so far over at the DRT Twitter feed @drtclub.

Please do take a look at some of the price graphs I have shared with you there.

Here’s a recent example from Jack (Smelly) Sock’s match yesterday.

Here Jack (I’ve only got one) Sock loses the first set. His 1.2 odds at the beginning of the match start rising to 1.7.

But he didn’t want to give us that, Oh no! Here is a look at Jack (fluorescent) Sock’s match after he loses the first two sets. The box I highlighted below is in fact the graph you see above.

These price/volume graphs are an excellent visual representation for how a tennis match has unfolded.

At 2-0 sets down, Jack (one white and one black) Sock’s odds hit 4. This is where the tennis trader would enter the market.

In Grand Slam tennis, men’s matches are first to three sets.

When you see a 2-0 sets score, you can bet that the person 2-0 down will give his all, even more so when a 1.2 pre-match favourite.

And so the fight-back begins. Sock wins the next three sets to win the match.

I have many price/volume graphs on Twitter @drtclub.

Please do take a look at them and their accompanying tweets. And ask yourself: ‘Where would I have entered the market?’ (Also ask yourself: ‘Can I come up with any more phrases to insert between “Jack” and “Sock”?’)