Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It’s been a great old run recently here at Last Sunday was one of those Super Sundays we tend to have occasionally. Things flow along so well and we had some big-priced Correct Score winners. It’s days like this when your luck is in, that you really should phone Kelly Brook and ask her out. She’s bound to say ‘Yes!’

Take a bow PAOK who actually played as per their odds. Final score 3-2 and we profited big. Why? Because I always insist when doing Correct Score trades to include an errant goal from the underdog.

Sociedad were playing Osasuna and I employed that policy as well, as Osasuna took the lead. I covered 3-1, 3-2 ( in case Osasuna somehow scored a second goal) and any other home score (in case Sociedad simply went to town). It ended 3-2 . The ker-chings could be heard for miles around.

The key to success this week has been simple. Teams are playing to their form. Contrast PAOK and Sociedad with Klopp’s Flops from the Kop or Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal – whose patent pending new year’s collapse we are witnessing this very moment!

The weekend sees its usual full program of matches but we have the spectre of the Curse of CL to come and throw a spanner in the works.

‘CL’, by the way, stands for the Champions League.

For some reason, the big guns around Europe turn into Sunday League pub sides (where three of the players haven’t turned up to play because they’re still out clubbing, and the goalie cannot stand because he’s still hungover).

Did you know, for instance, that in Barcelona’s last three league matches prior to a Champions League fixture, they won 1-0 and drew the other two matches. I smell potential trouble away to Alaves this weekend, an Alaves who survived a tidal wave of Atl Madrid pressure last week.

You must be aware of this Champions League curse this weekend. It is tangible. The competition seems to take priority over the preceding domestic league match.

As usual, I’m busy researching as many Saturday and Sunday matches as possible, and will note any potential Champions League curse matches. I have the Arsenal vs Watford and aforementioned Alaves v Barcelona matches firmly in my sights!

I hope to see you over the weekend, and maybe tonight on Twitter @drtclub for a live chat. Let’s hope we see another Super Sunday (and Super Saturday) and teams playing as per their form!