Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

This is where it all begins….

Elite league football begins tonight with the English Premier League, French Ligue 1 , German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie and Spanish La Liga.  The Italians begin on 22nd August. Apparently their vespas broke down so they stopped off for an espresso and to say ‘Ciao’ to the Bellas..

I have enjoyed the summer and learnt a lot from it. This was the first summer-proper with telegram tipping and I learned that you don’t have to telegram every day! And, on a busy Saturday, think quality over quantity. I have been all-too-guilty in the past of upping the volume of trades in line with the increased volume of matches.

This is not the thing to do! So this season I will be trying the quality over quantity approach despite the wealth of possible trading angles there may be.

There won’t be any live chat webinars just yet. I like to do the occasional webinar on a weekend. These webinars show you the theory in practice. It is a great learning tool for you to see, for instance, insurance trades ( which served us so well this week in the League Cup and Champions League). Sometimes a break even is a good result!

I look forward to seeing you on telegram at least over the coming weekend and remember, with matches starting for the first time, inplay stats are all we really have!

I look forward to seeing Messi’s debut for Accrington Stanley, at least I think it’s Accrington Stanley he signed to. I’ll have to check that fact.

Have a Great Weekend!