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Lots of short priced big names last weekend, and the vast majority of them playing like a Pub team.

AC Milan 1 – Udinese 1

Genoa 0 – Inter Milan 0

Man Utd 0 – Watford 0

Maritimo 1 – Sporting Lisbon 1

Bochum 0 – Leipzig 1  (laboured performance)

Go Ahead Eagles 2 – Ajax 1

Augsburg 1 – Dortmund 1

FC Porto 1 – Gil Vicente 1

Monaco 1 – Reims 2

And so it goes on…

What do all of these matches have in common? At least one of the teams was involved in European Club competition, be it the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League.

It is absolutely no coincidence that these sides will under perform pre- or post- European club competition.

Don’t forget Celtic 0-0 and Rangers 2-2 recently.

Guess what’s happening next Tuesday and Wednesday?

Only the Champions League. So, teams such as Bayern Munich, Salzburg, Liverpool , Inter Milan, Manchester City, Sporting Lisbon, Real Madrid and PSG may under perform, or even sacrifice points to ensure Champions League optimal performance.

Don’t forget the Europa League teams playing on Wednesday and Thursday, and to a lesser extent, the Europa Conference League on Thursday.

If ever you need to check for upcoming European Club competition matches , then I recommend and its calendar. Check on the following Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and note the competing teams.

You have now been warned. I will be on hand to make sure that potential under-performances are factored in, particularly with these Champions League sides. The competition is becoming more and more important.

See you over the weekend for a live chat webinar or two, and on Telegram.