Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It is the International Break at the moment, when elite league footballers not playing in internationals get their hair done and another highly original tattoo inked onto their arms.

Elsewhere, the World Cup qualifiers are in full flow and I will try to tweet for you any good angles.

There were a couple of crackers last night from the home countries. Scotland saw a glimmer of hope with a Slovakia red card. But it was huff and puff and profit for delayers who went for the 1-0. It came eventually.

The England match was a great example of why I keep researching day in and day out. It is to find little useable nuggets of info like this. Slovenia have had two away losses, both were 1-0 and both saw the winning goal come post-80th-minute. What does this tell us? It tells us to get busy backing England post-80th-minute. And it paid off for the extreme delayers amongst you.

Research also pointed to ze Germans scoring pre-20th-minute and they did so again last night.

So do take a look at the research for some nuggets that you can use. I will be using my research on Twitter tonight and I hope to see you there.