Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

This week I have been looking into a staking plan which can be used for football trading. The problem is that all of the other services out there don’t provide rules based staking advice. Others agree with me that staking should be in relation to your  confidence, or otherwise, in a team, the time left in a match, and the inplay stats amongst other things.

Others put forward a ‘drip’ staking method, drip feeding back or lay stakes in time intervals.

The Maria Staking Plan even gets a mention for lay bets! It can, I suppose, be adapted for back bets. The staking plan I came up with in the DRT manual was price-band based.

In real terms, my preferred staking is on a case by case basis, but correspondence from members suggests they want a rules based staking plan.

So that will be my continued goal this week. I’ll pass my findings over to you once I have them written up.

See you over the weekend for a zoom/facebook live live chat .