Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The final piece of the jigsaw arrives this weekend – from our good friends, Ze Germans. Quick as lightning when there’s a sunbed to be had; a bit slovenly when it comes to starting their football seasons.

So that’s England, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland all having started, or about to start, their seasons.

Live chats are going to get a lot busier. Tomorrow’s live chat start time will reflect the Germans and begin at 14:30. The showcase match features Bayern Munich and the Hoff this evening.

I hope you can join me for a live chat or two this weekend. The live chats are still in-play-stats-driven, although leagues such as the English Championship are starting to accumulate matches, and thus more stats and more patterns we can exploit.

I met with a football trader locally this week and he provided me with a very interesting ‘scalping’ strategy… I’m going to try it out before I spill the beans.

It does sound extremely interesting, and there’s definite potential there. The downside is that it requires manual input currently, although I’ll be looking to see if there is any automation that we can exploit.

See you this weekend!

It’s going to be a busy Saturday – just how I like it!