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The International break continues on into next week .
I won’t be doing any live chat webinars this Saturday and Sunday. I don’t think the kick off times practically allow a live chat webinar.
Saturday also sees the dreaded English League One and English League Two.
These leagues have been unreliable so my main focus will remain with the International Football.

I thought the telegrams on Wednesday were pretty good. Thursday was very quiet with just Armenia the confident(ish) call ( if you can trust 99th in the world rankings).

Don’t expect a raft of telegrams this weekend. It is all down to whether the favourites slip up ( as Belgium and the Czechs did on Wednesday) or if there are 0-0’s we can lay 2nd half ( Spain u21 and Germany u21).

I’ll see you on telegram throughout the weekend, not necessarily tonight as the Internationals take a break.

Have a great weekend.