Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

If you joined me in the live chat last Saturday and Sunday, it was very much a case of ‘REVENGE OF THE NEWLY PROMOTED’!

Established sides such as Inter Milan, Hoffenheim, Atl Madrid, Real Madrid, Lyon, et al either lost their matches or were held to a draw. In a number of cases, these teams were playing the newly promoted.

In retrospect, this was an ideal time to take on the established sides. Why?

Last weekend was sandwiched between post international break and pre Champions League and Europa League.

I was aware of the international break, but it did not occur to me that European club competition was just around the corner.

Had I know that, I would have had some context for the defeats and draws where normally we see wins, and could have saved some dosh.

So, do take note of timings: can help you in this regard, at least in showing you fixtures to come.

The next time you see the unique circumstances of post-international football and pre-European club competition, you may want to turn into a layer of these hot-pots, just for one weekend only.