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Tonight sees Mgladbach, Lazio and Atalanta play. The latter 2 are very strong favourites.

What all 3 teams have in common is Champions League football within the week from today’s match.

As you know, the distraction is an obvious one and can impact performance greatly. Now these teams may very well perform as per the usual form ( as a few of the Champions League sides did last week) but these teams may also under perform, as Sevilla did last week.

One key pointer to a possible under performance is the resting of key players. Check the team news at The dynamic of a team can change, regardless of the weakness of an opponent.

So , please, have this ‘Curse’ in your thoughts tonight and over the weekend.

For those of you wanting to continue after your 3 month trial, and who have trouble with the paypal option at the website, please get in touch with me and I will sort it out for you.

See you for a live chat webinar or two over the weekend. I promise not to be drunk for Saturday’s live chat webinar. It is my birthday tomorrow.