Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Why do I do hours and hours of laborious football research for DRT? (And for me – I use it too!)

It’s for moments like these!

Sometimes a match, and your profit, will hinge upon my piece of the research. In this match, this is the research which caught my attention:

Above are the stats for Swansea against the top-six. Of course, you do not know the result of the Swansea v Tottenham match during research.

What do you see? You see a Swansea team conceding two goals at least in every home and away match versus these top-six teams.

Take this into the in-play match…

It’s 1-0 at halftime to Swansea. I was on Twitter @drtclub and put up three correct scores for the second half: 1-2, 2-2 (saver) and 1-3 to Tottenham.

87th minute: 1-0 Swansea. Whoops, I thought! Spurs missing Harry Kane?

Fulltime 1-3!

Superb! 1-3 and 2-2 were the big-odds scorelines.

If I had not done the research, I would not have known this Swansea pattern against the Big 6.

Incidentally, note the Swansea match away to Man Utd on 30 April. Guess which stat I will have fresh in my mind then?

If you trade without research, you are missing out. This is why I research as many matches as possible for you every day. Sometimes the research comes to nothing, but on other occasions we learn those key distinctions which make the big money!

See you again this weekend for a live chat at and make sure you read the research. I would recommend you get into the habit of reading the research at halftime if there are certain potential shock scorelines.