Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

My tennis education is improving in leaps and bounds as the football takes a back seat to the grass court season.

There is some footy this evening though, from Finland and Ireland and I have researched that for you.

I have been hoovering up tennis manuals this week on the internet in order to get some ideas for improving my tennis service to you, dear DRT member.

No manual though will improve upon my lay of Roger Federer at odds of 1.08 the other day in Stuttgart, against the veteran Tommy Haas.

Roger won the first set but lost the next two. Why? Well I argued that he would be ring-rusty having taken the clay court season off. I also argued for a motivated Tommy Haas. He is a German in Germany on his ‘farewell’ tour. Looks like he sprouted wings!!

I am trialling some tennis research software for you too, in order to make the research more accurate. We shall see if it works. I must admit my current basic research is delivering the profits, so I don’t want to get into hours and hours of research. Keep it simple!

Please do give me some feedback on the DRT tennis trading. I provide occasional tips on Twitter @drtclub, and have personally been pleased with my calls overall.

Although the football does improve over the weekend (Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the International Confederates Cup), I would urge you to get to know tennis trading as a complementary sport when the football quietens.

I am working on a manual but it requires some screenshots from Wimbledon and other tournaments in between, and a lot of research on my part. I want it to be a one-stop-shop for your tennis trading needs.

I hope to see you on Twitter @drtclub (not today though, as I am on uncle duty and cannot get out of it – summer fetes etc!) for more tennis trades. Do take a look at the screenshots there as you can learn a lot about how a match unfolds and where we enter and exit the markets.

Have a great weekend!