Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Welcome to another week! It is international football week, but there’s also (thankfully) the US Open tennis this week.

I hope new members of DRT have been able to follow the tennis trading, because it is not covered in the DRT manual.

Tennis is actually a simpler sport to trade than football. In tennis we are looking for a top player to make a complete Horlicks of their opening set.

There we back our intrepid hero at higher odds.

Our intrepid hero mounts a comeback.

We lay the same player at lower odds.

Bob’s your uncle. Profit. Simple.

Here is an example fresh off the press. It’s only World Number 1 Karolina Pliskova, who is making an absolute mess of her first set.

She actually lost the first set.

And get this. You could back this 1.05 shot at evens! Put it this way: if you backed Pliskova at 1.05 for £100, you would make £10; if you backed Pliskova at evens for £100, you would make £100.

This huge variation in a matter of 35 minutes.

Needless to say, Pliskova won the next two sets.

I am on Twitter during the international break, where I’ll try to find trades such as this on for the US Open.

I also do some basic research at Do take a look at the research. It is a snapshot of the players, their rankings, head to heads, recent performance, etc.


I would love to hear your feedback on an idea. I propose to do some video webinars using Facebook.

Would you like that? Maybe even a live chat now and again on Facebook Live. The only problem is the slight lag between what I say in a Facebook Live stream and when it is seen at the web page.

So get in touch with your thoughts.

See you for some more US Open tennis this weekend on Twitter @drtclub and I will do my best to find a trade like Kuznetsova. World number 9 was backable at 10/1 and she still won!!