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Yes, I know it sounds mean, but it could make you money. This is the business end of the season throughout Europe and there will be must-win-at-all-fecking-costs clashes in all of the leagues.

The ones I like to target the most are the relegation dog fights. Wednesday was an excellent example on Telegram.

We looked at French Ligue 1

Troyes played Clermont.

15th v 18th. Clermont are in the relegation play off place. Troyes are only 4 points above them. Yet another winner nearly takes it all match. Must take points off a relegation rival.

Lorient played Metz.

16th v 20th. Like the above match, Metz simply must win in order to retain slim hopes of survival. Lorient are only 2 points above relegation so must win themselves to increase the distance.

At this unique stage of the season, I would recommend that you single out these matches where teams must take points off a near rival and heap relegation misery on them!

You are guaranteed 100% effort to the Final Whistle in these possible season defining matches.

Let’s look at the results

Both crucial late winners.

Here’s the league table after the results.

Metz simply had to win in order to give themselves a shout at Ligue 1 survival.

Lorient were on 31 points, far too close to the relegation zone so had to win in order to widen the gap. Both sides had to take points off their fellow strugglers. ‘Get ‘em in the relegation zone and not us!!’

Troyes and Clermont were next to each other, and far too close to the relegation zone for comfort. The Clermont win takes them outside of the relegation zone and importantly for them, keeps Troyes close to the relegation zone . Imagine if Troyes had won? Up to 36 points and brining Angers and Lorient into the relegation dog fight and not them!

So, you’ll see me heading off to the likes of Italian Seria B, German Bundesliga 2, and Spanish Segunda Liga, not forgetting the tussle in French Ligue 2, over the coming weeks.

Do look at the top of the league too. There will be some top 5 clashes. Remember Toulouse v Paris FC in French Ligue 2 which was a then Top 2 clash. This was won by Toulouse who stayed first. Paris FC lost and it cost them an automatic promotion place eventually.