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Should be at the forefront of your minds as the European Elite Leagues slowly wind down. The Premiership has ended. The Spanish Primeira Liga ends tomorrow as does the German Bundesliga. Some of the ‘Championship’ equalivalent leagues in Spain and Germany still have some matches remaining and my focus will be on these but I do want you to start paying attention to the Summer Leagues.

I did post a facebook live video at the DRT page which outlines the Summer Leagues. Please read that. I have started to research these leagues in the Daily Bulletin just to familiarise you with the teams. These will be our staple diet over the summer. Tonight for instance, the Irish are in focus, and earlier in the day, the Chinese.

I will be shifting focus on the tennis from Monday onwards so expect some research for the tennis. The summer is superb for tennis with 3 Grand Slam Tournaments. I am collating a manual on tennis which I hope to have completed soon.

And before I go….

Last weekend’s live chat webinars were excellent. I made profitable call after profitable call on Saturday and Sunday and those with the nous to attend will have filled their boots.

I will be doing a couple more live chat webinars but we walk the minefield of dead rubber matches throughout this weekend. We will need to exercise caution and discipline but I hope my form of last weekend will run on through to this weekend.

So, hope to see you over the weekend for a live chat or two?