Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Welcome to the International Break. We don’t have the backbone of domestic league form so the likes of Sweden can turn up, with an experimental side – Bjorn and Benny from Abba up front and they paid the price. Failed to score.

Traditional trading was successful yesterday and I will stick with that, albeit not for those damn Swedes.

Underdogs scoring first and opponents equalising tended to do the job yesterday – Iran, Senegal, Slovakia. And I think I will stick with the obvious.

The 100 momentum I have shown you in live chat webinars did signal a goal for those damn Swedes and Romanians but none materialised.  So, as I say above, stick to the traditional trading angles :

  • Red cards ( Mali took advantage of a Rwanda red)
  • Underdogs leading ( see above)
  • 0-2 leads to underdogs
  • 2-2’s

And so forth.

I will be telegramming early afternoon today , despite Friday being my usual day off.

I am not sure tomorrow warrants a live chat webinar. English League One and Two are the main English Leagues amongst more International football.

So, see you today, early on, and through the weekend. And I promise to stick to the fundamentals.  And not to doubt the teams showing well ( Iran, Mali yesterday which I did not pass on to you through lack of knowledge or confidence in the teams.