Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

No this eletter is not a tribute to Finbaar Saunders and his Double Entendres, this question has been posed with 2 recent trades.


QPR v Millwall. 0-1 Millwall

I relay to you that this London Derby looks competitive. QPR stats are great. They have a great chance of equalising.

But the Lions are not reading the script. 0-2 before halftime.

Stay in?

Or Pull out?

On occasions like this where Millwall take an unexpected 0-2 lead, you have to decide whether to keep faith with QPR and their first half showing being replicated with 45 minutes to go.

Because, at 1-2 , you can at least reduce liabilities and ‘red out’.

1-2 in became.

Then, 2-2,

Then 3-2!!

Would you have stayed in…..or pulled out?


Krasnador v Dinamo Moscow 1-0 and red card Krasnador.

I did the usual checks. What is the response from Dinamo Moscow in answer to the Krasnador red card? It was good. 4 shots on target, 8 off target.

1-0 at halftime. Looks a solid play, either laying Krasnador or backing Dinamo Moscow.

But hang on, second half begins. 2-0 Krasnador.

Again, do you stay in, or pull out?

What do we know? 1) Krasnador are down to 10 men. 2) Dinamo Moscow ticked the boxes as far as their response to the red card. 3) whole of the second half to go.

I stay in, knowing 1-2 would allow a marginal loss….but at the same time signal the mother of all comebacks.

Final score. 3-2.

How can you ensure you make the right decision?

Well, you could get involved again at 2-0. That is what I advised in the Krasnador match.

And also back the side 2-0 down.

Liabilities low. Upside great. And a great result should they pull it off.


I do hope this weekend’s plays are a little more straightforward. See you there for a zoom or two!