Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Our Belarussian hardy footballing friends are with us again tonight, Saturday and Sunday and I wouldn’t dismiss the reserves either ( particularly if you are using  – and why not? It’s free at the moment!). Tomorrow’s matches look particularly targetable. BATE Borisov have lost 2 consecutive away matches ( and never lost 2 consecutive matches last season) and are at home for the first time this season. Surely this is what I call a ‘redemption’ match against Ruh Brest who I believe are newly promoted? Shakhter Soligorsk are at home, coming off the back of an impressive away win last match where the inplay stats were solidly on their side and where I pointed you towards 0-1 and 0-2 as possible correct score plays while it was 0-0 at halftime.

So there is plenty to excite in Belarus as we get to know the teams each week and get to suss out those all-important trading angles.

You can’t help but notice additional football in the form of esports, which is basically a Comic Book Guy look-a-like  from the Simpsons playing another Comic Book Guy look-a-like in football.

Whilst I find it hard to read form etc with this type of football, esports has intrigued me. I have been researching on esports this week and looked at a couple of live matches , which have attracted £300,000 + in matched bets at Betfair. Liquidity worth trading.

I have done a couple of videos at the DRT facebook page so watch out for that. I have looked at 2 CS-GO matches, ( Counter Strike, Global Offensive) matches and the markets have been very interesting.

These matches are mano v mano ( or comic book guy v comic book guy) and the markets go in play. The similarities to tennis should be immediate.

CS-GO is the first to 3 series ( sets in tennis) and each series comprises 30 games, so it is first to 16 that wins the series.

With tennis, I argue that you can trade the matches without any real knowledge of tennis, via support and resistance lines, and this may be the case with CS-GO matches.

Use the Price/Volume over time graphs in order to find support and resistance.

In the above example, 2.00 odds looks to be the key area to focus on. Early on in the match this team’s odds hit 2.00 but did not break through. Later, on the team hesitated at 2.00 again but did break through .

Please watch the videos at DRT Facebook for a better explanation of my angles of attack.

Other traded ‘sports’ include Dota 2, Overwatch and League of Legends where we enter Dungeons and Dragons territory. I will have to watch these matches to determine the rules and whether they are as tradable as CS-GO appears. On first appearance, League of Legends lacks the liquidity of of CS-GO so will be a dangerous ‘sport’ to trade presently.

I would also like to look at FIFA 2020 as it is, well, football related ( although I suspect those playing’s only exercise is in opening their Dunken Donuts box. )

There is plenty to excite me with Esports as a trading vehicle. I do need to sample the other genres within the ‘sport’ too to get the fuller picture. As you have noticed, there are plenty of opportunities daily and today and over the next few days I will try and look at Dota, League of Legends and Overwatch and who knows, by the end of all this, instead of DRT, I’ll be talking D&D.