Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The Champions League and Europa League have rather hogged the spotlight this week. I don’t know about you, but I cannot find strong angles into these matches, and so leave them alone.

That, I suppose, is the lesson to take out of this week’s football. If you don’t have a strong trading angle, don’t trade.

I talked recently about two key components of trading. These are the ‘what if’ game. I.e. what if the match is 0-0 at halftime and I expect both teams to score? What can I do for the second half?

The second key component was having an opinion and sticking with it. That played out (and how!) in the Barcelona v PSG match in the Champions League.

These two factors were missing for me in the majority of Champions League and Europa League matches. (Although I would certainly have been interested in any long drawn out 0-0 in the match between Monaco and Manchester City!)

Good news for us! League football returns this evening and has a fair smattering of interesting matches. If I am up and about (it is St Patricks Day and the lure of Arthur Guinness’ finest stout may lure me away) I will trade from 19:00 on Twitter @drtclub. No promises though.

Time of the year…

We are getting to that critical part of the year now where teams with relegation issues may turn up some surprise results. Do make sure you are aware of any of these matches.

Tonight sees Dortmund play Ingolstadt for instance. Ingolstadt have scored two goals in each of their last two away matches.

It took Bayern Munich two 90th minute goals to beat Ingolstadt. We might see an Ingolstadt belie their form and position, albeit for a significant part of the match, so note that!

+1 tastic!

At the DRT Facebook page I’ve got a +1 market strategy for you to read. It might give you some ideas when an underdog scores. The +1 bet is an alternative to laying the underdog. I like doing this strategy, particularly with ultra-strong teams showing utter dominance in the in-play stats.

Give it a read!

See you tonight (maybe) and definitely Saturday and Sunday for the usual busy coupons. Watch out for those pesky relegation-threatened sides who might play above themselves!

Have a great weekend.