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That was a tough week in the Champions League and Europa League. The problem we had this week was that so many sides would progress with a 0-0 scoreline or even a 0-1 defeat. Chelsea and Paris St Germain were happy to tolerate 0-1 losses. Real Madrid held out for a 0-0 v Liverpool in a match, on paper, screaming goals.

Thankfully, it’s back to normal with a good quality coupon ( for a Friday!). We have first place in France and Turkey, and 2nd place in Germany on show this evening, along with the Keystone Cops defending of the Dutch Eerste Divisie.

It may even tempt me to telegram on what is my usual day off.

On another subject, do any DRT members fancy reviewing some football betting systems and strategies, should we come across them for What Really Wins Money. If so, please get in touch with me at with DRT reviewer written in the Subject box.

Have a great weekend, I will be live chat webinar-ing this weekend.No second leg shennanigans to worry about!