Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It has been predominantly a Cup week this week. We return to league football this weekend, and I find league football far easier to research.

Still, not all of the researched matches are appealing. So I would recommend you head over to the DRT Facebook Page where I shortlist the matches which more immediately appeal to me. I must say that, generally speaking, these shortlisted matches do prove accurate.

Onto the weekend, and I hope to conduct a live chat webinar for you covering the German Bundesliga at 14:30, all the way through to the end of the 15:00 kick-offs.

I hope it will give you a glimpse into:

• the websites I use;
• how I assess matches;
• and those trades I don’t pass on in live chats but immediately regret not doing so!!

The live chat essentially shows you what I am going to trade and the reason why.

Moving forward, I would like to do live video live chats at the DRT Facebook Page. The Facebook live video facility is quite superb, allows me to share screens and I think will be a great learning tool for you.

Do look out for an invitation to Saturday’s webinar. I have been practicing with it and I think I have the hang of it, so stick 14:30 into your diary for Saturday.