Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I hope you have been enjoying the tennis coverage – which has necessarily taken over from the football.

I am learning every day and slowly coming to a definitive way to trade the tennis, which follows the DRT principles of seeking value and over reactions.

With tennis I have learned so far that trading success is based on the aforementioned concept of the market overreacting, and also to the hint or suggestion that what you hope will happen does happen.

An overreaction in the market can be seen simply when a favourite player is broken in the first or second game in the first set.

It is akin to an underdog football team scoring an early goal in the first half. There is a huge amount still to be decided, so any increase in the favourites odds is, in my eyes, an overreaction that we can profit from.

The second aspect is something you Tweeters who follow me @drtclub will have come across. It is the ability to profit from the hint, or suggestion, that what you had hoped would occur looks as if it will occur.

Here is a great example from the other day…

Schiavone was playing Pliskova. Pliskova won the first set. She broke Schiavone in the second set. I advocated a lay of Pliskova at odds of 1.04 on Twitter. Why? Schiavone is a fighter.

And so the fight-back began. Schiavone took Pliskova to 6-6 in the second set from 1-3 down. Superb stuff.

Yet Schiavone still lost the set and the match.

All we needed was the market to think that Schiavone could pull it off!

Wimbledon is with us soon and trading should see consistency, because we know that all players there (bar injury) are 100% committed to winning. I will still be Tweeting what I call the warm-up events. I hope you can join me for Wimbledon!

See you over the weekend on Twitter for the tennis. Remember the Irish Premier Division is on this evening, as well as u21 Euro Championship football. Some eminently ‘trade-able’ matches!