Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

The lull has passed!

We have yet another international break… a smattering of friendlies… some Under 19 Internationals to keep us on our toes… and then the World Cup qualifiers, which kick off tonight.

European World Cup qualifiers dominate this evening’s offerings – and there is also the small matter of an England v Scotland clash.

There are a number of short-priced favourites playing this weekend. Tonight for example, we have Denmark, England, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Germany.

If you wanted to put them into an accumulator, I would recommend calling on our old friend – delaying.

I showed you last week how to create very good paying accumulators by creating them in-play.

If you are with Betfair, their Sportsbook provides this facility. I’ll be tweeting this evening at @drtclub and if an accumulator opportunity presents itself, I’ll take you through step-by-step.

Basically what we want is for these strong favourites to be struggling or drawing at halftime. Then keep the faith they will win in the second half.

By delaying until halftime or until the strong favourites are a goal down, you get better odds with which to create your accumulator. Better odds equal better payouts!

Based on past experience in trading these World Cup qualifiers, in-play stats will be key. I’ll be researching the matches as best as I can (that’s at and we can take our cues from the market.

Doubtless there will be one or two surprises this weekend – and the in-play stats will be key in our decision-making.

Do note the Live Chats this weekend will be solely on Twitter at @drtclub. We do not have the frantic schedule of a domestic league weekend. We have a nice steady stream of competitive Internationals which I hope makes for some interesting Live Chats.