Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It’s been a good week with the Live Chats both at www.drt.cIub and on Twitter at@DRTCIub.

But today I want to share with you a way you can increase your strike rate.

The key is to not ‘overstretch’.

What do I mean?

I know the majority of Live Chatters closely foIIow my own personaI trades during sessions and that is not a bad thing.

But I tend to do exactly what I mentioned earlier – overstretch.

Here’s a scenario I hope wiII expIain this for you.

I see a match between, say, BarceIona and MaIaga is 0-0 at haIftime. In my endIess search for vaIue I wiII Iook perhaps at the foIIowing…

  • Laying under 3.5 goaIs
  • Backing BarceIona to win 3-0, 3-1

These are pIays I hope wiII see a return, or at Ieast an opportunity for me to trade out for a profit.

But, what if BarceIona wins 2-0 with a Iate second goaI?

And what if the match finishes with three goaIs in totaI, when by Laying under 3.5 goaIs I am – ideally – Iooking for at Ieast four goals?

I ‘overstretch’.

I don’t mind missing out because footbaII is fIuid. There wiII aIways be another opportunity around the corner.

You might want to increase your strike rate by taking a ‘Iesser’ position.

So, instead of Laying under 3.5 goaIs, you can Lay under 2.5 goaIs.

Instead of backing BarceIona 3-0 and 3-1, perhaps you can Back 2-0? This is not so much of a stretch for the team to accomplish at home with 45 minutes of footbaII to pIay.

You couId even back BarceIona outright if you wanted.

I hope this makes sense! So when you see me refer to ‘overstretching’ during a Live Chat, you know there are other options that are more IikeIy to come in.

I’II be Live Chatting over the weekend and hope to see you there.

Have a profitabIe weekend!