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It’s that time again, folks, the return of League football after the International Break, in a weekend which is also a prelude to the Champions League.

A unique weekend beset with umming and ahhing from managers.

‘How the friar tuck do I manage fatigued returning players , and then prepare for the all-important Champions League?’

Do these manager rest the stars?  Do they play a full first team? Will that first team perform as per expectations, or will fatigue and Champions League distraction catch them out?

Cast your mind back to the 3rd October, only in this case it was post-Champions League and Pre-International Break.

It seemed that managers had no answers to the questions I posed above.

The catalogue of the Great and the Good falling was astounding.

  • West Ham lost ( Europa League)
  • Liverpool and Man City drew
  • Bayern Munich Lost
  • Atalanta lost
  • Real Madrid lost
  • Sevilla lost
  • Ajax lost.
  • PSG lost.

These are, generally speaking, sides who do not slip up.  But they did on this occasion.

The question is ….will we see Premier League turn into Sunday League Pub Team minus the keeper who’s still asleep and the assistant manager who forgot to bring the kit?

I spotted potential trouble early on the 3rd October. It’s my job again to spot any potential wobbles this weekend. I look forward to seeing you for a live chat webinar or two to find out whether the Old Reliables are Old Reliables or, for one week only, and Old Pub Team.