Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It’s the international break at the moment, which will continue into next week. It’s either a ‘put your feet up’ time, a revision of the strategies time, or you can still play if you want. I’d recommend playing via the Shorties list I provide at the DRT Facebook Page.

We do get the odd good trade, such as this one yesterday:

Spain are 1.16 favourites here: 1.16 should suggest 3/4 goals minimum. There’s a Desmond for the second half. That’s gettable. Then a 3-3! That’s gettable too (remembering Spain u21 are 1.16 shots).

I’ll also done some DRT Facebook videos, which I hope you’ll find useful, covering:

  • Red cards
  • Desmond (2-2s)
  • How to simplify the DRT process.

With the latter we can use a number of methods, such as:

  • A focus on a specific league
  • A focus on a specific team within a league
  • A focus on a specific strategy or two
  • Only trading when there are multiple matches of interest kicking off at the same time. It saves your investment of time.

During this international break, then, look out for the DRT Shorties List and use it.

Friday next sees a return to league action. Tomorrow sees the English League One and other lesser leagues. I am loathed to research these matches as the teams are so unreliable and the standard of football so poor, but will look to research a handful of the more obvious favourites matches.

No Live Chat this weekend. See you soon and watch out for more videos at the DRT Facebook Page!