Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Returning slowly……

It’s been a frustrating week all told, with Cup matches throughout Europe dominating proceedings.

Thankfully, the English Premier League, English Championship, French and Spanish leagues return on Saturday.

I will be doing a live chat webinar at 15:00.

The Germans and Italians  – ‘ooh it’s too cold , diddums’ – return next weekend along with our dutch brethren for a full program , and a very welcome full program, of matches.

If you can, please do come along to a live chat webinar. It is a great learning experience. There’s so much to learn from.

  • Reading and evaluating in-play stats.
  • Deciding when to enter a market.
  • The thought process in exiting the market  ( time played and time remaining ; in-play stats ; pre-match stats)
  • Evaluating desmonds and red cards. All desmonds and red cards are equal, but some desmonds and red cards are more equal than others, as football trader George Orwell would say.
  • Creating value by using other-than-the-obvious markets.
  • Researching football matches in-play ( which I will be doing for the English Championship as it is such a competitive league).

And much much more. Every live chat webinar is necessarily different and we simply don’t know what will be uncovered and what we will be reacting to.

It makes for an exciting session and, usually, a profitable session. You’ll see green screens created before your very eyes, without the assistance of the lovely Debbie McGee.

We do record live chat webinars and they are available to watch again at I would recommend you watch one or two. A Saturday is usually the busiest day.

I hope to see you at a live chat webinar in the near future. Have a Great weekend.