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This looks like a week in which to put your feet up as far as football trading is concerned. We see a raft of international friendlies intertwined with two-legged World Cup qualifier play-offs.

With the two-legged status of the play-offs I find that the second leg matches have greater scope for a trade or two, as teams must react to the first-leg scoreline. So that is my primary tactic there.

I know I’m about to break the first rule of Trading Club: ‘You don’t talk about friendlies’. I’ll also be breaking the second rule of Trading Club: ‘You don’t talk about friendlies’.

I am going to talk about friendlies… There are actually some very good trading angles into today’s friendlies, and I would recommend you read some of the stats at

England, for instance, are largely missing the Spurs contingent, and tend not to beat the elite European teams in friendlies (such as France, Spain and Germany). I see ready angles here if England score first. I am sure they will be vulnerable to conceding.

At midday today, Japan take on Brazil and this Brazil tends to score three goals against the Japanese. I eye a Brazil win and hope the Japanese score first.

A Wales without Gareth Bale is no Wales at all. Yes, Les Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys did only draw 0-0 vs Luxembourg, but they should see Wales as extra vulnerable minus the pony-tailed maestro. And with that forward line, there is always a French threat (unless you’re playing Luxembourg of course).

Portugal are resting Ronaldo and some other of the veterans in order to give the up-coming talent a game against that famous footballing Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Even a perceived weakened Portugal should not lose.

We are on an International Break now until next Friday. On 12th November the ATP tennis finals turn up in London and I will do my best to live-chat these for you while this International Break continues, so see you on Sunday. Tennis can be a great sport to trade, as I hope you will see!

In the meantime, remember the first rule of Trading Club… and perhaps break it this evening.