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The return to league football is very welcome!

We have a full schedule of matches on Saturday and Sunday and I will be returning to Twitter @DRTClub today at 7pm for those crazy Dutch teams and their goals.

The research slowly becomes more in-depth as some leagues reach the double figure marker for games played.

You’ll see in the Daily Bulletin a new layout is evolving.

The layout is made up of:

– Standout Stats
– Profitable in-play opportunities

Within these two sections I look more in-depth into each team, the home stats for the Home team, and the Away stats for the away team.

I call this my ‘betting research template’. It should, over the season, provide us with a more accurate foundation for the upcoming games.

Halftime patterns become clearer.

Goals patterns become clearer.

Leagues start taking shape, too. We start to see top third teams, middle third teams and bottom third teams. Patterns begin to develop for teams when playing, in particular, against top third or bottom third teams.

Here’s a good example from an upcoming English Championship match between Norwich and Rotherham. This is what is called the Challenge Table

Norwich are set to play a bottom third side. Note Norwich have scored, conceded and won all matches played so far. This is a pattern to work with in this match.

Could Rotherham score first? Rotherham away to the top third teams have conceded at least two goals so far.

You’ll notice I try and research as many matches as possible. The more matches I research, the clearer distinctions I can make. The Red Hot Favourites List and the Patterns and Sequences (returning to the DRT Facebook page are part of this process for me.

I hope you can join me over the weekend at for a Live Chat – and tonight on Twitter @DRTClub.

I am working on doing more Live Chats via video, too. Watch out for more soon! And you can watch the edited replay from last week’s webinar on how to profit from non-league matches here.

Have a profitable weekend!