Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

League Football makes a welcome return tonight with the Irish Premier Division and First Divisions and over the weekend with China, Norway, Finland, and Sweden . I far prefer league football to the current rounds of Internationals , from the Women’s World Cup, u21 Euro Championships, and African Cup of Nations.

In Africa, I must say that the market has been a great guide. In competitions like this I like to use the Fifa Rankings as well.

Wimbledon tennis qualifiers are still under way and soon we’ll be with Day 1 of the Grand Slam. I hope you’re excited about this as Grand Slam tennis is a great profit maker as I hope I showed you during the French Open.

Early Rounds, Seeded v Unseeded, that’s what we focus on. I want to cover these early rounds at the DRT Facebook page. I hope those of you who have dipped your toe into the tennis know how to research basically ( and when to enter and exit trades. As with the football, we are simply looking for value entry points ( always with a reason). These entry points can include

  • An over reaction by the market to a favourite’s serve being broken early.
  • First set loss for the market favourite.
  • And….using the Price/Volume over time Graphs for you technical chart analysists.

Good luck with the league football this weekend. I have been researching weekend matches already and there are a good amount of readable matches.