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I know you are itching to see my Adonis-like, perfectly-sculpted face on a webinar soon. Fear not! Good news! We’re putting together a calendar for future webinars which we’ll share with you soon.

We are also negotiating a special appearance by Kelly Brook. That’s a bit more on the ‘TBC’ side of things, but we live in hope.

Thanks for all of your webinar suggestions. I have taken note of them – and feel free to keep them coming. I’ll also be conducting regular Live Chat webinars in the future.

From webinars to Facebook. I’m so glad people are finding so many aspects of DRT useful to them. In fact, I’m going to take a moment for some horn-tooting and include some recent comments from the the DRT Facebook page. Your feedback is always welcome and I hope you’ll continue to get involved and comment in the FB group, keeping the community lively and useful for us all.








As always, I’m interested in hearing about your significant wins, too!

Did you know I post the day’s Patterns and Sequences, as well as the Red Hot Favourites list on the DRT Facebook page each day? Let’s look at each in turn.

Patterns and Sequences

Think of this as a stripped-down Daily Bulletin. Here you get the meat and bones. You get the standout patterns and sequences that teams are showing this season to date.

The idea is that we look to oppose the negative sequences, especially when it is a big name team with said negative sequence.

We look also for positive sequences to continue.

Let’s take a look at some of yesterday’s Patterns and Sequences and I’ll pass comment on each one.

18:00 – AIK v Hacken – 1.59 AIK

Hacken have lost all matches home and away v top three sides.

Comment: The match was 1-1 coming to the 80th minute. You could have used this sequence to back AIK as late as possible or lay the draw as late as possible. Final score was 2-1 to AIK.

18:00 – Helsingborgs v Djurgardens – 2.54 Helsing

Only two clean sheets for Helsingborgs.

Comment: Helsingborgs conceded two goals. Use this stat for instance if Helsingborgs had scored first.

Helsingborgs have conceded in their last 13 matches.

Only 1 draw all season for Djurgardens.

Comment: The match ended 1-2.

18:00 – Sundsvall v IFK Goteborg – 1.96 IFK

Only one win in 12 matches for Sundsvall.

IFK Goteborg have no wins in seven away matches.

Comment: Look at IFK’s odds. 1.96 suggests a team the market expects to perform well today. Note the first sequence. Only one win in 12 for Sundsvall. Do these two pieces of information suggest IFK might actually end their winless sequence away? Final score was 1-3 IFK.

19:45 – Palermo v Udinese – 2.68 Udinese

Comment: Palermo scored first. Knowing what we know about Palermo and their inability to score two goals at home, who do you think is most likely to score a 2nd goal in the match? Final score was 1-3 to Udinese.

I hope you get a glimpse into the power of the Patterns and Sequences here. Remember, if you want a shortcut to the best Patterns and Sequences, then join the DRT Facebook page.

The Red Hot Favourites List

Quite simply, this is a list of the favourites on the Betfair in-play coupon for a particular day.

The idea here is to isolate these matches in the ‘My Games’ facility at and monitor them for:

  • a 0-0 at halftime
  • the underdog scoring early
  • a red card
  • a 2-2 – if we have a red hot fav they could be able to end that Desmond
  • 0-2/2-0 scoreline early on to the underdog

Head off to Go to ‘All games’ and use Ctrl + F to find the matches listed on the Red Hot Faves list at the Facebook page.

Tick as I have done below with Ludogorets. Do not worry about matches that cannot be found.

Now head off to ‘my games’ at

The games will all be listed there. Simply monitor these matches and note any potential shocks that we can exploit.

I use the Red Hot Faves list for every Live Chat I do. You’ll find this list exclusively at the Facebook page. It’s a great way to find out when strong favourites are struggling.

See you over on the Facebook page soon – and also for the usual Live Chats this weekend.