Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

My research in the DRT Bulletin will change this weekend. It will not be as indepth as usual because there will be a number of dead rubber matches.

Some of you, I know, will be tempted to trade these dead rubbers because these dead rubbers will involve some big named teams.

I tend to need a very strong set of evidence before I am tempted in to trade a dead rubber match ( for the uninitiated a dead rubber is basically a meaningless match).

Here are a couple of ‘dead rubbers’ this weekend I may still trade.

Everton’s recent home form is outstanding. Bigging 3 big 5 teams at home in a row…and without conceding a goal. They look in good nick at home but have little to play for.

Juventus are title winners. They have nothing to play for. But….this is a Turin Derby and Juventus fans will not allow their team to lose this match. It’s bragging rights after all!

My main focus this weekend will, as last weekend, be on matches with teams needing points. It worked well with the live chat webinars on Saturday and Sunday. So please turn up at a webinar this Saturday or Sunday . It’s a great learning experience.

We will be introducing you to the ‘Summer’ Leagues a well. There is an excellent piece in the DRT Facebook page on the Chinese Super League , written by Andrew Baxter. The Chinese Super league is one of our Summer Leagues.  It’s covered at which is a great bonus.

Good luck if one of your teams is relegation-threatened. You can come and cry in anguish at the live chat webinar. We’ll look after you!!