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As experienced football trader Bjork is wont to say during an International Break. Like experienced trader Bjork, I do tend to tread a little warily during the International Break. We don’t have the backbone of form that we see in Elite European League matches.

At least tonight, the familiar European Nations start their World Cup qualifiers.

Sir Desmond of Tutu is still making an appearance. You’ll record Sunday’s excellent profits. Well, Sir Des turned up yesterday as well, and with some late late plays. Let’s look at them. In live chat webinars I ask members to look for a good ‘story’. Do not play every Desmond Tutu, play the good stories.

In this Belgium v France match, why is this a good story?

Belgium lead 2-0.

That France forward line make it 2-2.

Belgium will be thinking that they’ll have to regain the lead here.

France will have the second half momentum.

Hey Presto…a 90th minute France winner.

China v Vietnam is a World Cup Qualifier. It’s all going swimmingly for the Chinese. 2-0 up. But hang on, a late surge from Vietnam sees a 2-2.

China will be wanting reparation here . The Vietnamese have momentum of 2 late 2nd half goals.

Hey Presto…..a late 3-2 win for China.

And finally, Germany u21 v Israel u21. This Desmond TUTU was helped by the use of inplay stats which I recommend for International Football in lieu of any solid form lines. Israel lead, Germany fight back, Israel lead again, Germany fight back. And Germany put the cherry on top with a late 3-2.

During this International break, do take a refresher on the Fundamentals , a Desmond 2-2 being one of those. And do take a chance on late 2-2’s especially with late goals . Liabilities will be minimal, upside great!

See you over the weekend. There will NOT be a live chat webinar this weekend. I save those of Elite European League Football.