Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Well, I’m coming home after a quick trip to Japan, ostensibly to try out their space-age toilets. It was a resounding success.

It’s back to business now. The World Cup began with the worst-ranked side in the tournament, Russia, spanking Saudi Arabia. This had me thinking that Suarez and Cavani of Uruguay could punish the Saudis, and then some. So I have backed them both in the Top Scorer market, from a trading perspective.

Do this before the Egypt match, in case one of the two score a goal today.

This I think is how we should approach the World Cup. With a little creativity. I am researching by:

  • rankings;
  • recent form;
  • recent friendly form;
  • past World Cup form;
  • recent World Cup qualifying form.

I hope we can get a flavour of a team’s strengths and weaknesses. It is, though, tough to do pre-match research in a tournament such as this one.

The best way to play is to react to what happens in-play – as I have done with the Top Scorer markets in reaction to the 5-0 loss for the Saudis yesterday.

I hope to be tweeting today. I cannot see a live chat webinar being of any real benefit. During a league season, pre-match research is ultra reliable. In the World Cup, it is not as reliable.

So, let’s hope Cavani and Suarez fill their boots, at least enough to shorten their odds and allow a trade. I’ll be passing on more reactive trades as the tournament progresses. See you on Twitter @drtclub – now I am back home and distractions are lessened, I’ll do a DRT video at the Facebook Page.

I’m off now to order my Japanese toilet with all its bells and whistles. If only those Japanese toilets could research the football – I’d be in Heaven!