Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

It’s been a quiet mid week as the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference Leagues all conclude their group stages. Lots of dead rubbers means caution at all times!
League football returns tonight so if you’ve got an itch to scratch, then now’s the time to scratch it!

I am sorry I have not telegrammed during Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday. I do not want to force a play just because there is some (unsuitable to trade) football on. I also do not want to be tempted into the Arthur Daley sponsored English Leagues One and Two! No Sir, they’ve kicked me in the vernaculars once too often!

See you for a live chat webinar or two Saturday and Sunday, and if you can make it, please do. Last Sunday was exceptional on the Live chat webinar and certain of the attendees filled that wheelbarrow. Some plays during the live chat webinar cannot translate to Telegram.

We also look at new trading ideas using a simulation mode software to the Betfair markets. There have been some interesting findings. I am particuarly keen to look at 2 elements:

  • Contrary trading
  • Over 2.5 goals trading.

So I’ll be firing up the simulation software for that Saturday and Sunday.

I do hope you can join. Have a great weekend!